Factors affecting the use of PPGI steel coil

The anticorrosive effect of building color coating products is the combination of coating, pretreatment film and coating (primer, top paint and back paint), which directly affects its service life. From the anticorrosion mechanism of color coating, organic coating is a kind of isolation material, which isolates the substrate from the corrosive medium to achieve the purpose of anticorrosion.


Factors affecting the use of PPGI steel coil


PE: polyester coating for galvanized steel have good adhesion, coating of steel plate is easy to processing molding, low price and products, color and luster choice scope is big, under the general environment direct exposure, its corrosion life of up to 5-8 years, but in industrial environment or polluted areas, its service life will be relatively reduced.

SMP: In order to give full play to the characteristics of polyester coating and improve its outdoor durability and light retention, the polyester coating was modified into silicon modified coating by cold spell or thermal reaction. SMP offers better durability and corrosion protection for 10-12 years, but its price is slightly higher than PE, and its adhesion and molding properties are worse than PE.

HDP: HDP is a resin with high molecular weight, less polymer branch chain, stable bond energy, not easy to photolication, so not easy to powder and gloss reduction, HDP uses the same inorganic ceramic pigment as PVDF, the product has excellent color retention, uv resistance, outdoor durability and anti-powder performance, cost-effective.

SRP: It has excellent resistance to resin degradation under long-term sunshine and high temperature environment, excellent durability, but high hardness.

PVDF: because PVDF chemical bond and chemical bond between the strong bond energy, so the coating has very good corrosion resistance and color retention, in the construction industry with color coated steel plate coating, is the highest product, commonly known as “color plate king”. Its molecule is large and straight chain structure, so in addition to chemical resistance, its mechanical properties, uv resistance and heat resistance is excellent. In the general environment, its anticorrotion life can be up to 20-25 years, but the cost is high, the price of the relative color coated steel plate is also higher, its luster bet can only be low luster, there are many restrictions on the color selection (bright color can not be provided).

Post time: Jun-10-2022